SNS Nails & How to Choose From Over 1000 SNS Colours

SNS Nails & How to Choose From Over 1000 SNS Colours
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You need your nails to be dealt with merchandise that without a doubt enhances the situation of your nails – that’s why you pick out SNS. That’s a smooth preference to make. And SNS have you included whether or not you need dip powder, gel, or normal polish in your nails.

Then comes the difficult part – deciding “What colour?” Now that’s a selection you need to make and stay with for the subsequent 2-four weeks. So we understand how critical that is.

This closing manual will assist you to navigate via all of the SNS colours. Yes, all 1000+ colours…

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SNS Nails & How to Choose From Over 1000 SNS Colours

SNS Nails & How to Choose From Over 1000 SNS Colours

About the number of SNS Colours

There are over one thousand particular SNS colorings throughout all of our products. And we upload new, curated series of colorings for the duration of the year!

SNS is the authentic author of dip powder nails. So – naturally – we’ve got the maximum colorings to be had.

In the SNS dip powder machine alone, there are over one thousand colorings. Some of those colorings are so popular; that we then made them in gel polish and nail lacquer. And we lately made a few to be had in a 2-in-1 acrylic and dip powder product.

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SNS Colours Systems

Let’s navigate all the SNS nail colors will be easy once you know what’s what.

SNS Pink & White System

The Pink & White System is the Original Dip Powder System. Designed for ‘French’ nail applications; it includes clear, natural, pink, and white dip powders. These powders also can be used for constructing basis layers to feature power to any manicure. If you adore shadeation, you could additionally upload a few shadeation on your preferred French nails at the same time as additionally getting a chic nail appearance! Just switch the white tip for the shadeation of your choice. This is the maximum present day manner to rock a French mani and is trending huge time this year.

When doing those forms of nails, I might suggest going for a lighter shadeation, as visible on those stunning mild pink press-on French nails.

Also, some other manner to boost your French nails and additionally get a chic nail appearance is through including a few glitter. (Again, pass diffused for the classiest appearance.)

I might suggest including the glitter to the end of your nails as proven on this academic as it will make your nails truly stand out with out searching crazy. If you adore glitter, that is the correct compromise among state-of-the-art and glam.

SNS Nails & How to Choose From Over 1000 SNS Colours

SNS Pink & White System

SNS MasterMatch

The MasterMatch Colour System consists of the colors of SNS Gelous Color (Nutri-Plus™) products. There’s over 800 Gelous Colors Dipping Powders (1oz & 1.5oz). Over 500 have an identical Gelstar™ and Nail Lacquers product. 

Gelous Color is our predominant shade system; we upload new colorations to it in the course of the year.

Now, if you may be attending a marriage soon, performing as a bridesmaid, or maybe when you have your very own wedding ceremony coming up, you’ll be seeking out elegant nail thoughts for weddings.

If you’re seeking out a easy however amusing layout to do for the wedding ceremony, I suggest going for this stunning nude and white nail appearance with a flower layout, proven on this academic.

You may even upload a bit sparkle through incorporating pearls into the flower layout!

SNS Nails & How to Choose From Over 1000 SNS Colours

SNS MasterMatch

SNS Dipstar

There are one hundred fifty Dipstar colorations to be had in dipping powders. It’s a cost-powerful manner to feature SNS dipping powders for your services. Or to extend your series of SNS dipping powders.

Dipstar colorations function masses of ambitious colorations match for a crowd who like their nails to say, “WOW!” These colorations will take you from day to night, feeling like a star.

SNS Nails & How to Choose From Over 1000 SNS Colours

SNS Dipstar

SNS Dipping Powder Colours

SNS dipping powders are clean to use and clean to remove (very crucial to keep away from nail damage). They are designed to enhance the situations of nails with each application.

SNS dipping powders additionally incorporate benzoyl peroxide. This factor kills bacteria, doing away with any dangers of infection. 

Another bonus, dip powder nails don’t require any UV mild to cure. Clients who are allergic to chemical substances commonly observed in different merchandise gels are capable of get dip nails performed with none reactions. And with our SenShine variety of dip liquids, it’s even more mild on touchy pores and skin and eyes.

There are 6 distinctive dipping powder shade levels to select from.

Gelous Color

Gelous Color is the principal color variety from SNS. There are over 800 hues to select from – lots of which might be added to be had in an identical SNS GelStar and SNS Nail Lacquer product.

There also are Gelous Color Collections which might be mainly curated around a positive theme. Color collections are continuously being launched throughout the 12 months so maintain your eye out for them!

SNS Gelous Color dip powders are precise due to their Nutri-Plus formula. They’re enriched with nutrients A, E, B5, D3, and calcium to nurture nails, letting them develop longer and stronger.

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GelStar Gel Polish

GelStar™ stands for more than each different gel, due to the SNS dedication to more healthy nails. This interesting product line incorporates Vitamin E and Calcium to nourish the herbal nail bed. Application of SNS GelStar is rapid and easy, and no alcohol is wanted for the top.

With SNS GelStar you get:

  • Durable, 14-day wear
  • Easy application
  • No alcohol wished for the top
  • Brilliant, reflect finish
  • Easiest soak off
  • Healthier nails

Nude – Look Modest and Beautiful

The nude shadeation is synonymous with modesty and beauty, as you may appear lovely with it without searching so flamboyant. It is right for company activities wherein you no longer need to appear so flashy but classy. The SNS nude shadeation is available in sixteen sun sunglasses and fits all pores and skin colors.

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