Classic Manicure.

Want to get your nail done with Classic manicure treatment? We got you! A professional touch to your nail making sure your Natural nails are well protected and applying the desired color and locking the manicure for the perfect nail to match your overall appearance. We only use high-quality equipment and cosmetics making sure your nails are healthy, shiny, and glorious.

Deluxe Manicure

How about treating your nails with a lavish treatment called Deluxe Manicure. We are delved into the mission of perfection of your nail with moisturizing & soak shedding, pedicure, filling and clipping nails, and implementing the renewing mask for a luxurious experience, and making your nails perfect for best results.

Shellac Manicure

Here at Beauty and Nail mobile Service, we do professional Shellac manicures which are premium products making sure about the durability and solid protection with the touch of traditional nail polish for the bright and shiny finishing.

Classic Pedicure

Our classic pedicure service includes a gentle foot scrubbing after a foot soak in lukewarm water. It’s followed by a clipping & shaping of the nails before it’s moisturized and polished with nail paint. Foot and calf massage could be complimentary perks if desired.

Deluxe Pedicure

Our Luxurious Deluxe pedicure is designed to treat you with the most suited treatments in your own comfort zone. Our Deluxe pedicure covers feet soak, good care of Cuticles, exfoliate, Calluses treatment, trimming & clipping nails, massage, and moisturization of feet followed by polishing nails and allowing feet to dry for best results. It’s really pedicuring at its finest.

Shellac Pedicure

Treat yourself with the hands of the best Shellac pedicure specialist at the beauty and nail mobile service at your doorstep. We bring you the finest cosmetics and methods for the best outcomes with a personalized & professional touch.

Classic pedicure & manicure

It’s a blending of our Classic pedicure & manicure for a very pleasing experience in your own comfortable place. We care and make our services personalized to our valued customers.

Deluxe pedicure & manicure

It’s a Combo service assortment of our Deluxe pedicure & manicure proffering you the aesthetic experience of treating yourself at your doorstep.

Shellac Applications

Looking for a perfectly done shellac application? Worry no more, our specialists at Beauty & Nail are here to do just that. Let us help

Remove Shellac or SNS

Like we put shellac pedicure & manicure, we also have the best methods and techniques to remove it safely and gently. Yes, being a customer-centric business, we care!

SNS Manicure

Our SNS or Signature Nail System manicure presents with the finest powder and glue, giving your nail a perfect finishing. It is essentially a dip powder that has very long-lasting results on your nails.

SNS full set with tip

Our SNS (Signature Nails Systems) full set with tip, consists of both gel and powder transforming it into a fine product that works perfectly for the coating of powder and also the light feeling of the gel. Yes, every product is hand-picked and only the finest.


Ombre – a professional salon finishing with more than two shades on each strand with a blended shade on each with the beautiful final finishing. We at Beauty and Nail Mobile service are here with creative color melting techniques for our valued customers.

Nail repair

Bad nails or damaged nails can be a real problem sometimes and in the busy schedules of today’s world, it’s very easy to make it worse. We understand and take care of our valued customer’s nails with professional and personalized nail repair treatments. You’re just one call away from getting your nail fixed at your own place!

Nail art
$5 Each

Let’s be real, nail art can really get people’s attention in a matter of seconds, although it’s not the primary reason, we understand the passion of nail art of our valued customers. We present you with 100s of custom creative nail art designs to fulfill your desire and requirements.


We infill the regrow with acrylic or gel with your existing acrylic or gel reshape and finish it with nails vanish.