Details for Express Facial
$90 for 30 minutes

(Double Cleanser, Exfoliation, Mask Massage, Moiturise)

Luxe Facial
$150 for 50 minutes

(Double cleanser,  steamer, exfoliation, extractions, massage, mask, eyes treatment, moisturiser)

$170 for 60 minutes

(Double cleanser, Steamer, Exfoliation, Microdermabrasion, Extractions, Massage Mask, Eyes treatment, Moisturiser)

Skin needling express
$120 for 30 minutes

(Double cleanser and applying skin needling with serum for skin rejuvenation.)

Skin needling + led
$299 for 70 minutes

(Double cleanser lumping cream Apply skin needling in the deeper level of the skin with serum and finish with led night.)

Double Cleanser
$350 for 75 minutes

(Infill serum and products with a hot and cold hammer. Finish up with a hifu machine to lift up the facial muscle)